Terms & Conditions of Online Sale

Terms & Conditions of Online Sale


Service Provider: Mond’Arverne Tourisme

Article 1 – Preamble

These terms and conditions apply in full accordance with the law and without restrictions to all orders made for buying tickets for taking part in activities shown on the website of Mond’Arverne tourist office. Buying tickets for taking part in activities means buyers unreservedly undertake to observe these terms and conditions as specified by Mond’Arverne tourist office.     

Article 2 – Bookings

2.1 - When you click on "Confirm" at the end of the ordering process on the "Payment" page and you state your agreement by ticking the "I agree to the general terms and conditions" box, you are stating that you agree to all the General Terms & Conditions fully and unreservedly. Unless proved otherwise, data registered by the website constitutes proof of all the transactions passed between the tourist office and its customers.

2.2 – Your order is only finally confirmed and is only binding for the tourist office when the email confirming that the ticket order has been duly confirmed has been received. We therefore invite you to look at your emails.

2.3 – Bookings become firm when Mond’Arverne tourist office receives payment from the customer for the total amount for the activity.

Article 3 – Arrival / delay

Customers must arrive on the date and at the time indicated when registering. In the event of a delay or postponement, or of a last minute hold-up, customers must inform Mond’Arverne tourist office. Unused services as a result of this delay will remain due and cannot give rise to any refunds.

Article 4 – Insurance

4.1 - Customers are liable for all damages occurring through their own fault.

4.2 – Mond’Arverne tourist office has taken out a professional civil liability insurance policy (no. 3307109004) with Axa Assurances. Legal status: state-owned industrial and commercial enterprise (EPIC).          
Financial guarantee Covéa Caution / Address of head office: Sauteyras 63970 AYDAT

Article 5 – Withdrawal, Cancellation and Refunds

In accordance with article 121-20-4 of France’s consumer code, tickets are not subject to a right of withdrawal.

5.1 - Cancellation or refund request by customer:

In the event of a withdrawal or cancellation by the customer, no refunds will be granted, except in the event of illness/injury, on presentation of a medical certificate. Adults who are ill/injured, or children who are ill/injured and accompanied by adults will be refunded by administrative order within one month following receipt of the refund request form and supporting documents (must be returned within 15 days). Other people must use the service as arranged or cancel without refund.

5.2 - Cancellation by activity provider or tourist office:

In the event of cancellation or postponement by the activity provider or tourist office, before the date of the start of the service, the tourist office must inform customers by all means possible.
Insufficient numbers of participants may be a valid reason for cancellation. Mond’Arverne tourist office will refund customers all of the payment corresponding to the cancelled service within one month following receipt of the refund request form and supporting documents (must be returned within 15 days).

5.3 – Cancellation due to weather:

Only professional event staff are authorised to take the decision to cancel due to poor meteorological conditions which could endanger peoples’ safety. In this event, the activity will be postponed to a later date or the payment refunded to customers.

5.4 - Modifying the service:

The activity provider reserves the right to modify the schedule and propose a replacement service for reasons including unfavourable weather, technical malfunctions and safety concerns.    

Modifying activities will not give rise to refunds of any kind.

5.5 – When a cancellation or change of date, time or location of an activity for which you have booked tickets is announced, you agree that, if possible, Mond’Arverne tourist office may use the details you entered when you booked, so as to keep you informed of the procedure to follow.

Article 6 – Secure Payment

6.1 – Ticket reservations are only binding on Mond’Arverne tourist office when an email confirming that the transaction has been paid is received.

6.2 – Tickets bought on the website of Mond’Arverne tourist office can only be paid for by bank cards which are compatible with the operator’s secure payment website.

6.3 – Information provided by the buyer when he/she enters his/her bank details are encrypted by the operator in charge of transactions.  
In no event and at no time will information concerning bank cards be forwarded to the network or the server of Mond’Arverne tourist office.

Article 7 – Personal data

7.1 - What is this data and how do we obtain it?

Data we collect may concern:

  • Your identity (surname and first name)
  • Your contact details (telephone number, email, postal address)
  • Your employment (type and position)
  • The name of your company in the event of a request for group services

Information which must be provided to us is shown with an asterisk, and we will provide the reasons for such requirements.

This information is sent to us when:

  • You fill in a contact form on our website (personal request form or quote request form in the groups area).
  • You set up an account on our website in order to organise your stay
  • You contact us by telephone or by email to be sent the necessary documents
  • You subscribe to our newsletter or for other offers
  • You register for and book an activity or guided tour online via the BOOK section of the website. The system used for online bookings is Open System (sold by Alliance Réseaux). Mond'Arverne Tourisme has secure access, which enables back office management of the system, including bookings. Data is retained in your personal account for a period of 3 years.


Other information that we receive from other sources including the websites of our teams managed by Mond’Arverne Tourisme: the sailing school and the Pessade Pleine Nature centre.

7.2 - How is the collected data used?

We use information held about you in the following way:

  • Within the context of our task in the public interest, i.e. to inform you about Mond’Arverne as a destination and about the facilities, apart from purely commercial packages. Carrying out our task in the public interest is not subject to prior consent, but you may at any time unsubscribe or change your personal data (see "Your rights" section);
  • Within the context of fulfilling a contract agreed with one of our structures or when a booking is made online via Open System:
    • For group services of the Ecole de Voile du Lac d’Aydat and of Pessade Pleine Nature: we use your data for requirements pertaining to the proper operation of the activity: to contact you in the event of cancellation or changes (date, location, times etc.);
    • For booking an activity online via Open System: your data is registered in the system to successfully conclude your transaction and to facilitate your transactions in future. We also use your data for requirements relating to the proper operation of the activity (to contact you in the event of cancellation or change of time, date, location etc.). We may send your data (surname and telephone number) to the provider of the activity that you have booked. This data is used only within the context of providing this service and is destroyed when the activity comes to an end;
  • According to the conditions permitted by the applicable law, to provide you with information about other products and services which are similar or complementary to those you have already purchased or about which you have requested information;
  • With your consent (e.g. subscription to the newsletter), we will send you messages linked to the service to which you have subscribed.

7.3 - Processing your personal data

We will only process your personal data for strictly legal purposes. This legality varies according to the purposes for which we have collected and used your personal data.

In almost all instances, the legal basis responds to one of the points below:

  • Our task in the public interest: L’Office de Tourisme Mond’Arverne falls within the framework of a task in the public interest concerning promotion and communication intended for potential tourists and for welcoming visitors to the region. Fulfilling our task in the public interest does not require prior consent, but you may at any time unsubscribe or change your personal data (see "Your rights" section).
  • Consent: for example, when you give your consent to receive certain information from us. You may withdraw your consent at any time, also by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the foot of all emails we send to you.
  • Fulfilling an agreement with you: for example when you have bought one of our products online or from one of our structures (Ecole de Voile du Lac d’Aydat and Pessade Pleine Nature) and we need to use your details and payment information to process your order.
  • Complying with the law: when we have a legal obligation and we need to use your personal data in order to comply with this obligation.

7.4 - Cookies

Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. This helps us to provide a better user experience.

Cookies for analysing web browsing and gauging readership help us identify the content that is of most use to our users. They count the number of visitors and then analyse how they browse our website. This data helps us to identify the products you are looking for and to make sure you can find them more easily, thereby significantly improving your experience of our website. Within this framework we use the services of Google Analytics, and we have set the storage duration of readership gauging cookies at 26 months.

No personal information of any kind is stored. Do not forget that our cookies do not store information that enables us to identify you. This means that no-one can use the information collected by cookies to contact you by telephone, email or any other means. Monitoring is restricted to our website and information is in no event shared with third parties.

7.5 - Disclosure of your personal data

If you are a customer or prospective customer: we do not pass customer files to third parties. We pass on your data or some of your data to our third party providers and professional advisors, who may need to access your personal data to provide us with services (receipts, bank card payments). In no event may this data be used by third parties except for providing us with technical services.

If you are a tourism service provider: we may pass your personal data on to the third parties below and for the following purposes:

  • All members affiliated with the database of the APIDAE tourism organisation belonging to the category of distributors, partners or developers according to the conditions of access set out at www.apidae-tourisme.com;
  • Our third party service providers and our professional advisors, who may need to access your personal data to provide us with services (website management, tourist tax registration, bank card payments). In no event may this data be used by third parties except for providing us with technical services.

7.6 - Storing your personal data

Data we collect from you is stored internally.

We implement procedures to ensure that the personal data you provide is kept for a maximum of 3 years after the last time we are in contact. After this time, this data will be removed or, in certain instances, made anonymous.

If we have collected personal data based on your consent and if we have no other legal basis for continuing to process it, we will remove your personal data if you withdraw your consent.

7.7 - Your rights

You may unsubscribe from our emails at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link which is at the foot of the email you have received.

In line with the GDPR, everyone has the right to access, rectify and object to data concerning them, limit the extent to which it is processed, request its removal and object to its portability; this right is to be exercised by sending a signed request accompanied by proof of identity to:

Déléguée à la Protection des Données

Office de Tourisme Mond’Arverne

Sauteyras – 63970 AYDAT

Or by email to: mylene@mondarverne.com.

Our Data Protection Officer will reply to you within one month of a request for access or rectification.

You also have the right to complain to a data protection authority (the CNIL for France) if you believe that we have processed your personal data illegally or in a manner that violates your rights. In this instance, please first contact us (using the contact details above) so that we can examine your request and find a solution together.

Data breaches and communication within 72 hours (art.33 and art.34 of the GDPR): in the event of a breach or suspected breach of personal data, the Office de Tourisme Mond’Arverne and its subcontractors will notify the CNIL, within a maximum of 72 hours, after having become aware of it.

Article 8 – Liabilities

8.1 – Tickets and confirmation of purchase online must be confirmed by buyers when provided by our staff. Subsequent claims will not be taken into account.

8.2 – The tourist office is an intermediary between provider and buyer. It cannot therefore be held liable for total or partial failure to provide services ordered.

Article 9 – Adult/child image reproduction rights

As part of the activities and guided tours organised by Mond’Arverne Tourisme, you may have your photo taken with the purpose of promoting activities and guided tours, and these photos can therefore be used for advertising, commercial, digital and paper publishing. By registering as an adult or by registering your children or grandchildren for activities or guided tours, you therefore grant Mond’Arverne tourist office all rights with regard to use of photographs for advertising, commercial, digital and publishing purposes, without time limits.           
Mond’Arverne Tourisme specifically undertakes not to use these photographs in a way that would violate your privacy or reputation.

Article 10 – Contact

For any information, questions or complaints, please write to:

Office de Tourisme Mond’Arverne

Service réservations

Sauteyras - 63970 Aydat

By email: info@@mondarverne.com

Or contact the service in charge of ticketing during opening hours on +33 (0)4 73 79 37 69.

Article 11 – Applicable law – Disputes

Sales of these activities and tours are subject to French law. Any disputes will be dealt with by the competent courts.


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